Weeks 5 & 6: 100 days of fitness



Something valuable I’ve learned from recording and publicly sharing my daily workouts:  I’m not varying my workouts enough.  There it is in black and white:  ”walk, walk, upper body, mixed cardio, chest, run, elliptical”.  Obviously, I’m not mixing things up enough to challenge and change my body, or to keep my focus.

Since I have committed to this 100 Days of Fitness, I am going to try a few classes at 24 Fitness http://www.24hourfitness.com. Group sessions are not always my favorite way to work out (I crave the solitude and sanity that only an hour with my ipod can provide) but recently, some friends and I gave a group TRX workout a try.

It’s been a few years since I worked out on the TRX, and I’m aware that this friendly-looking yellow strap can be much more challenging that it appears.   The TRX is touted as an excellent workout tool because you challenge many different muscles in a short period of time. In my 60 minute session, we completed a total body workout that included exercises to work the hamstrings, core, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders.

To be honest, during the first class, I spent 25 of the 60 minutes just figuring out how to get my feet in those straps and rotate so the straps weren’t completely twisted.

TRX total body workout

The good news from my second session – I am much further down the learning curve and I was able to complete most of the 60 minute workout. The only bad part is I had a tough time blow drying my hair…my arms were spent!

Today, I am justly slight sore all over – not bad at all – but I can feel soreness in areas of my body I don’t typically focus on.  Today, I will do some kick-ass cardio to complete week six so my entire body does not seize up!

To finish up my next four weeks of the 100 days of fitness challenge, I am going to continue to challenge my body by varying my workouts, and I will report on them here.  Wish me luck!