Week 2: 100 Days of Fitness

Sunday: 5 mile walk

Monday: upper body – chest and core; push ups on the bench, planks on stability ball.  Ouch!

Tuesday – upper body/shoulders and core

Wednesday – 45 minutes cardio at gym/bike and elliptical

Thursday – upper body/back, biceps and core, plus mountain climbers, 3 sets of 10, inspired by Paula. love getting workout ideas from others!

Friday – 25 mins treadmill walk incline; 25 mins elliptical

Saturday – upper body: chest and core; assisted pull-up machine at gym (this is by far my favorite piece of gym equipment…makes me feel like I can almost, kind of, sort of do real pull-ups.

Week 2 is done!  I’ve quickly learned that having a commitment and being accountable definitely makes a difference in how often I workout.  For this 100 day goal, my friend Paula started a fb group that calls for us to write down our daily workout routine. It seems I may have been telling myself some little white lies about how often I complete a workout?  No more of that!


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