Vitamix or Juicer – which is better?

I thought I had to make a choice, a decision.  I thought it might be time to free up some kitchen counter space and pick one of these amazing machines over the other.

How could I choose between my trusty Breville juicer that wakes me (and the entire house, apparently) each morning and my new, shiny and highly-touted Vita-mix?

I was not looking to be disloyal to the Breville, but the idea of less kitchen clutter was appealing.  But…after several years with my juicer and several weeks with the Vita-mix, I already know that I won’t be choosing between these two amazing machines.

I need both.

Why?  Well, I recently watched an awesome Vita-mix demo at the Whole Foods in Annapolis.  I was thinking this might be it – the one dream machine!  The skilled demonstrator made soups, smoothies, fresh nut butters and even ice cream in minutes.  I stood there for a long time, just to be sure I didn’t miss a juicing demo.

But, I wasn’t swayed to get rid of my juicer. Don’t get me wrong – I am only in the learning stages of my Vita-mix and I am hooked.  I’m making amazing smoothies and soups in a few minutes. The Vita-mix blades make it so much easier to use than previous blenders (no food getting stuck and re-stuck in the blades), and it blends smoothies to a perfect consistency. I can even sneak some fresh greens into my family’s smoothies without them knowing.  (tip: dark berries can conceal a small amount of greens, even spinach :) .

But, when making one of my super-green juices, I prefer my juicer.  The recipe book they provide does offer some green juice recipes, and if I was mainly juicing cucumbers and other watery fruits, I could get a nice, fresh juice out of my Vita-mix.

But I like so many deep, rich, leafy greens plus apples and cranberries in my morning juice, so I am sticking with my Breville. Yes, it takes time to make the juice, take the juicer apart, wash out all of the parts and put it back together each morning.  But, it quickly becomes just another part of the morning routine, like brushing and flossing, or grinding the fresh coffee beans.  And the benefits are huge – I am getting a ton of vitamins and anti-oxidants from swiss chard, watercress, kale, collards, dandelion greens and many other vegetables every day.

I like my juices free of pulp, so a clear, refreshing green juice is how I start the day.  I then add any leftover morning green juice to my Vita-mix – throw in an endless variety of fruits, vegetables, protein powder and ice to prepare my lunchtime or post-workout smoothie.

Final analysis:  Yes, my kitchen counter is going to remain cluttered.  Both machines are definitely an investment, but I don’t spend as much money eating out or buying prepared foods.

Now I have two amazing pieces of equipment to pack my day with fresh fruits, vegetables, vitamins and antioxidants! Visit both sites here:


  1. anat9926 says:

    maybe we need a recipe contest…

  2. Chrissy says:

    1 vote for Vitamix – my picky, picky family loves the smoothies (hidden ingredients: spinach and kale – ha!)