Purple Potatoes

Look what I picked up at Restoration Foods, a new community supported market located on Rt 2 In Edgewater, MD.

purple potatoes, white sweet potatoes, yellow onions

These dark, rich colored potatoes are slighty nutty in flavor. They are also full of nutrients, including antioxidants you usually only find in berries and other blue or red produce.  Among the flavanoids (plant pigments that act as antioxidants) in purple potatoes is anthocyanin, known to be an immune system booster.  Colorful potatoes are a great addition to your diet as we enter the cold and flu season.

This dish couldn’t be easier – just slice all of the vegetables and added extra virgin olive oil for a delicious, colorful and locally-grown side dish.


  1. anat9926 says:

    Diane – I agree with you. I like to drink and blend many different juices and smoothies to get a variety of nutrients and not become bored. Thanks for visiting and check back for more recipe ideas!