Juicing experiment for the houseguests

The grandparents came for a visit! They were fleeing from power outages and cold indoor temperatures from hurricane Sandy so, I figured, who better than kidnapped family members test out a new green juice recipe?

My parents have taught me so much about good nutrition ….could I teach them something too?

They both typically eat a ton of greens, so I was hopeful my experiment would go well.  But juicing is not always positively embraced – even by my healthiest friends – so I was a little worried about their response to my morning green juice recipe.

Mmmm…time for breakfast

As you can see from the photo, I used cucumbers, carrots, green apple and the other ingredients pictured here, plus blueberries for added antioxidants.

The enthusiastic response?? “Not bad”.

I’ll take it!  Their seasoned palates picked up the carrot and lemon immediately, even though those two ingredients were a minor percentage of the ingredients.  That was actually my hope….fill the juice with a ton of healthy, fresh greens ….and have the taste-testers focus on the citrus and carrot, which is palatable for many.

I am calling this taste-test experiment a “success”!