monday morning detox juice

monday morning detox juice

Easy, refreshing and a great way to detox after a weekend of food and fun:

  • apples (1 green, b/c they have less sugar than red apples)
  • beets – 2, sliced
  • carrots – 2, large
  • cucumbers – 1 large organic

I used my new Juice Fountain Crush for this delicious combination of flavor and nutrients.  Yum!

Juicing with Friends

I had fun blending and juicing with friends today!

We did a taste comparison with the same recipe, using two different juicer models and the Vitamix.  We’re all in love with the new Breville Juice Fountain Crush!  I’ve been using a Breville juicer for years, and I’ve overlooked how noisy and messy it was b/c it changed my life!  But, for Valentine’s Day I gave myself the Juice Fountain Crush – and I have a new love :)

This slow masticating juicer produced a delicious, nutrient-rich juice with much less fuss. It was also wayyyy more quiet, easier to clean with much less waste.


And, yes, I made handouts(dork :)  Here are the recipes from today:

Green Juice (Breville Juice Fountain Crush)

My favorite green juice – gives me lots of energy!

Honeydew melon is a rich source of vitamin C and copper, both of which are important for the health of your skin.  (Healthy skin from the inside-out is a little obsession of mine!)

Vitamin C and copper are both involved in collagen product and skin repair.

  1. 5 kale leaves (or, handful of red kale or, 2 collard green leaves)
  2. 1 large english cucumber
  3. 1/2 small bunch of parsley or cilantro
  4. 1 cup honeydew melon
  5. 1 green apple
  6. a few mint leaves (makes everything taste a like a mojito!)
  7. squeeze of lime (I don’t run my citrus thru the juicer unless it’s organic – too many pesticides
  8. Tip: Juice the kale first – the other ingredients will help rinse what is left of the kale into your drink.

Green Smoothie (Vitamix/Blender) – adapted from Vita-mix demo Whole Foods, Annapolis

  1. 2 cups green grapes
  2. ½ banana
  3. ½ cup of pineapple
  4. 1 cup spinach
  5. 1 apple (I use green b/c they have less sugar)
  6. thin slice of lime
  7. ½ cup spring water or coconut water (chrissy’s suggestion)
  8. 1-2 cups ice

Blend ingredients 1-7 on high until mixed well.  Add ice and blend til smooth. Everyone really enjoyed this one.

Blending with my Vita-mix

As usual, everything in the Vita-mix was delicious and easy-to-make. For our final morning blend, I winged it….blueberries, oranges, mango, strawberries, and a few cups of spinach…plus whatever I had in the fridge… with some ice, raw organic shelled hemp seeds for protein and healthy fats, plus acai berry powder as rich source of antioxidants.

Yumm…I could hear everyone’s agreement that this blend was a win.

Next time, maybe a juicing cocktail hour? :) xoxo

Juicing Papaya and Pomegranate

Carrot, Papaya and Pomegranate Juice

Fresh Juice: Carrot, Papaya and Pomegranate

I love this combination I just made in my Breville!  The papaya makes the juice a little thicker – yum.  Maybe I will blend this with ice and a clear libation (grey goose? rum?) when the temperature goes above 70 again.  Only 5 more months til summer…..

  • 3 large carrots
  • 1/2 cup papaya
  • 3 tablespoons pomegranate seeds
  • 1 cup green grapes


Honey Does Green Juice

Ok, I think I have found my signature juice.

Green Veggies + Green Fruits= WOW

Juicing Greens + Honeydew Melon


Yes, basically looks like liquid chorophyll.  Do you trust me enough to give it a try? It tastes a lot like many fresh juices.  It’s, ya know, pretty good. :)  But, this blend is OMG amazing, I promise.  The energy and focus I feel after I drink this blend is off the charts.

I added honeydew melon, a rich source of vitamin C and copper, both of which are important for the health of your skin.

Vitamin C and copper are both involved in collagen product and skin repair, so you can see why I am a huge fan.

Add in that honeydew melon is an excellent source of potassium, and you can see why I’m hooked for the energy – and skin – benefits.

Here’s the recipe (makes enough for 2 large juices):

  • 5 large kale leaves
  • 1 large english cucumber
  • 1/2 small bunch of parsley
  • 1 cup honeydew melon
  • 1 green apple

Feel free to adjust the ingredients for your goals or tastebuds.  If you give my recipe a try, let me know how you like it.

It’s love…

Love my Juicer and my Vitamix! Putting both to good use in 2013 :)

Here’s a smoothie I made today…. so good!  I juiced dandelion greens and cucumber, then blended it with berries, organic raw shelled hemp seed (10 g of protein in 3 tbsp serving!), acai berry powder and pineapple.  Yum!







Movie Inspiration 🙂

Finally watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead! Find it here:

This documentary follows the life of Joe Cross, self-described as overweight and over-medicated.  He was taking steroids on a daily to help with his painful autoimmune disease.  During this film, we see how juicing greens turned life around for Joe and a friend he met along the way.

Joe’s australian accent would make any topic sound interesting, but I was amazed at his commitment. He vowed ”only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for…60 days….(and) to get off his pills and achieve a balanced lifestyle”.  He then transitioned to a diet full of vegetables and fruits, and his amazing transformation continues to inspire others.

I’m not as disciplined as Joe was, so I don’t see 60 days of juicing in my near future. :) But here is yummy juice recipe I enjoyed twice yesterday…and my goal is to continue juicing and blending with my Vitamix 1-2x day throughout 2013.

  •   2 leaves kale
  •   1 organic english cucumber
  •   1/2 green apple
  •   1/2 cup blueberries – my fav antioxidant with skin benefits :)
  •   1/2 cup cranberries
  •   1 large carrot – tons of vitamin A for the skin
  •   splash of lime

I appreciate being encouraged to watch this movie by friends and from the inspiring folks at

Acai berry protein pancakes

Obligatory protein pancake photo:


1 cup gluten-free oats, powderized (easy in the vitamix)
1 cup acai berry protein powder
1 tbsp coconut sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon coarse salt
1/2 cup skim milk (or almond milk)
2 eggs
2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Mix all wet and dry ingredients separately, then combine. I let the batter sit for a few minutes for fluffier pancakes.

I use eevo in the pan too. Top with fresh fruit or a dash of powdered sugar. These are delicious and can be made ahead. They reheat nicely, and I love have a quick, healthy breakfast to fuel my workouts.

If you’d like a yummy, gluten-free way to start the day, give these a try. I enjoy the added taste and health benefits of the acai berry powder (antioxidants!) but any protein powder will do. Let me know if you give this recipe a try :)

Eating like my body is my job: 2013

Detox Beet Smoothie


Starting my 2013 resolution early…eating like my body is my job!  Began with this detox smoothie with apple, beets, carrots, pineapple, honeydew, kale and organic vanilla protein powder. #yum

Roasted Vegetables with Goat Cheese

Roasted Vegetables with Goat Cheese/Prep

Here’s a recipe for delicious, healthy and festive holiday vegetable dish:

  • asparagus spears
  • red and yellow tomatoes
  • 1 sweet onion, chopped
  • organic goat cheese

Roast the veggies in the oven or on the grill with evoo and coarse ground sea salt. When veggies are still warm, top with organic goat cheese and enjoy as your meal or a side with a light fish. I use a lot of onions, which are great for the immune system.

roasted asparagus, tomato and onion with goat cheese

Festive Morning Juice

I am in the holiday spirit this morning, so juicing with cranberries seemed appropriate. I added  blueberries, carrots, cucumber, dandelion greens and a splash of lemon.  The deep, rich color in this refreshing juice means it’s packed with antioxidants, and will give me the energy I need to have a productive day.  20121202-083201.jpg