Fresh and Healthy London

It’s amazing to me how I can walk outside of my flat (apartment) and grab fresh fruit and vegetables on the street at five or more different places before I even reach the tube station.  Londoners are always picking up a basket of fruit off the street and using their reusable shopping bags.  The prices are really good too, a large box of strawberries for one pound.

Another thing I’ve noticed is what Londoners buy at the grocery stores compared to Americans.  In America you’ll see people with tons of snack bags, frozen foods and the like, while in London people are buying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats and not so many packaged things.

The thing about not having a car and living in the city is that you walk a ton.  Sure there’s the tube, but you still have to walk a distance to the tube station!  I guess the combination of the easy access to fresh produce, healthier grocery picks, and lots of walking explains why everyone here looks so in shape.

Exception: Their idea of breakfast.  I guess having french fries at breakfast isn’t that different than having home fries?