Custom fruit smoothies for the Eagles?

Loving this idea from the Philadelphia Eagles new coach, Chip Kelly. Wish I could read some of these personalized recipes!

From what I’v read, he has fresh fruit available for his athletes as well.  Hope it helps my team :)

Have you planked today?

Day 2 – My gently-used dining room

February plank-a-day challenge: Day 2

I’ve completed my planks for the day!  The hard wood surface is not as comfy as a nice gym mat.  Yikes!  Well, anyway, I was glad to get some use out of this room :)

Have you planked today?


Day 1 – light, fluffy snow plank

28 Days of Planking

28 Days of Planking – who is with me?

this is not me…shocker…

Time for a new fitness challenge – this time I’m choosing a challenge that I can fit in anytime and anywhere.

I will perform a plank-a-day every day for 28 days…I’m still working out how long I will plank for. I’ll start with 3 x 60-90 seconds and see how that goes.

Planks work the core, the shoulders etc – for a complete listing of muscles that planks are beneficial for, see your favorite trainer. :)

My unofficial opinion is that I see overall benefits when I make this exercise part of every workout!

I hope to build up my times and my core strength by the end of February.

I hope you join me…c’mon, February is a really short month…

100 Days of Fitness: final week

My 100 days of fitness is almost complete! My original plan was to finish on December 31st, but due to two missed workouts, I will finish on January 2nd, 2013. 100 days out of 102 :)

I have come full circle with this commitment. In the beginning, I was very enthusiastic to get to the gym. In the middle, there were a few days where I was looking for a day of rest, but in the final four weeks, my love of exercise took over big time! Now I’m sad this commitment is ending, and am trying to decide on my next fitness commitment. I’ll decide on a new commitment by the time I finish this one.

Here are two things that helped me get through this commitment with very little soreness – and, as a result, very little need for rest:

Pink Himalayan Salt

I am beyond obsessed! I have weaned myself off all anti-inflammatory OTC meds with this salt…20 minutes in a warm bath and any soreness or tightness are dramatically reduced. (disclaimer: yes, I sell this salt as part of my natural body care business, but even if I didn’t sell it I would promote it as a wonder recovery salt). Pink Himalayan salt contains 84 vital nutrients that help restore balance to the body, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, boron etc – my family is addicted :)

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile essential is one of the most gentle and effective essential oils. I have been doing planks, using the TRX and working on my core every day during my 100 days of fitness. As a result, my neck and shoulders are tight…using chamomile essential oil with a carrier such as grapeseed oil or an unscented lotion has been a lifesaver. Chamomile has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and immediately relaxes whichever body part I manage to overwork. If you tend to overdue or push yourself at the gym like I do, you should have this oil on hand.

Thanks for following my 100 days of fitness journey! Let me know your fitness goals :)

100 Days of Fitness – Wks 7, 8, 9

So…I’m a little behind on my 100 Days of Fitness updates, but I’m still at it.

Week 7

  • Sunday – walk 4 miles
  • Monday – chest and biceps
  • Tuesday – class at 24 hr with boxing, kickboxing etc …learning curve but loved it
  • Wednesday -45 mins on arc trainer
  • Thursday – walk 4 miles
  • Friday – 30 mins cardio
  • Saturday – 5 mile walk

Week 8 was spent traveling, so I did a ton of walking. Not on the treadmill or the hills in my neighborhood…more like tourist walking.  But, I’m counting it!

  • Sunday – packing, which mainly means I ran up and down the stairs @ 72 times.
  • Monday thru Saturday – Walked. And walked. Through airports, around London and a few other major European cities.   Some days I walked about 30 minutes…other days closer to 3 hours (we won’t discuss how my misguided choice for lunch led to big increase in time spent walking around Barcelona on Friday).

Emily and Terri, Barcelona

Week 9 – happy to be back at the gym!

  • Sunday – 4 mile walk
  • Monday – Chest and core on TRX
  • Tuesday – 4 mile walk
  • Wednesday – shoulders, core, biceps
  • Thursday – 45 min mixed cardio
  • Friday – 30 mins cardio on elliptical at home
  • Saturday – chest, triceps, core on TRX

It seems my week away from the gym had some benefits. I felt very strong this week – lifting more weight for more reps with no problem and stronger on the TRX.  Can’t wait to start week 10!

100 Days of Fitness: Day 50 ish

As I reach the mid-point in this challenge, my daily workouts have become a habit I really enjoy.  I have tried a few more classes at my gym, and it’s not surprising that by mixing it up and challenging myself, I am much more focused.

Next week, I will be traveling and though I will be doing a ton of walking, I will not have access to a gym.  Does anyone have any good travel workout ideas??

Weeks 5 & 6: 100 days of fitness



Something valuable I’ve learned from recording and publicly sharing my daily workouts:  I’m not varying my workouts enough.  There it is in black and white:  ”walk, walk, upper body, mixed cardio, chest, run, elliptical”.  Obviously, I’m not mixing things up enough to challenge and change my body, or to keep my focus.

Since I have committed to this 100 Days of Fitness, I am going to try a few classes at 24 Fitness Group sessions are not always my favorite way to work out (I crave the solitude and sanity that only an hour with my ipod can provide) but recently, some friends and I gave a group TRX workout a try.

It’s been a few years since I worked out on the TRX, and I’m aware that this friendly-looking yellow strap can be much more challenging that it appears.   The TRX is touted as an excellent workout tool because you challenge many different muscles in a short period of time. In my 60 minute session, we completed a total body workout that included exercises to work the hamstrings, core, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders.

To be honest, during the first class, I spent 25 of the 60 minutes just figuring out how to get my feet in those straps and rotate so the straps weren’t completely twisted.

TRX total body workout

The good news from my second session – I am much further down the learning curve and I was able to complete most of the 60 minute workout. The only bad part is I had a tough time blow drying my hair…my arms were spent!

Today, I am justly slight sore all over – not bad at all – but I can feel soreness in areas of my body I don’t typically focus on.  Today, I will do some kick-ass cardio to complete week six so my entire body does not seize up!

To finish up my next four weeks of the 100 days of fitness challenge, I am going to continue to challenge my body by varying my workouts, and I will report on them here.  Wish me luck!


Weeks 3 & 4: 100 Days of Fitness

I’ve completed 30% of my commitment to the 100 Days of Fitness challenge!

I am still enjoying it. There are some time-management challenges, for sure, but I always feel better after I fit in a walk or some gym time.

I won’t bore you with each and every workout I’ve completed in these past two weeks – I will save that for my fb group! But, through a combination of long walks (we are having a beautiful fall here in Maryland) and gym time with an extensive selection of music on my ipod, I’ve been able to stay on track.

When discussing this challenge with friends, quite a few say they have tried to start this challenge…they get to day 1, day 2, day 3…and then back to a new day 1.  I like the fact that they are trying to make this commitment, and maybe it’s just not right time for them to begin this challenge.

Aren’t we all just on day 1 of something?  Day 1 of being more organized, more tolerant, a better cook, more outspoken, less outspoken, a better parent, a better daughter, a better friend?  I definitely have goals where I always somehow seem to be on day 1.

Two big reasons for my ongoing success in this 100 day Fitness challenge:

1. I made it public.

2. I have support – from family, from longtime friends who continue to challenge me, and from others who are working to complete this same challenge.

What are some of the challenges you are working on?

Week 2: 100 Days of Fitness

Sunday: 5 mile walk

Monday: upper body – chest and core; push ups on the bench, planks on stability ball.  Ouch!

Tuesday – upper body/shoulders and core

Wednesday – 45 minutes cardio at gym/bike and elliptical

Thursday – upper body/back, biceps and core, plus mountain climbers, 3 sets of 10, inspired by Paula. love getting workout ideas from others!

Friday – 25 mins treadmill walk incline; 25 mins elliptical

Saturday – upper body: chest and core; assisted pull-up machine at gym (this is by far my favorite piece of gym equipment…makes me feel like I can almost, kind of, sort of do real pull-ups.

Week 2 is done!  I’ve quickly learned that having a commitment and being accountable definitely makes a difference in how often I workout.  For this 100 day goal, my friend Paula started a fb group that calls for us to write down our daily workout routine. It seems I may have been telling myself some little white lies about how often I complete a workout?  No more of that!