Diffusing Christmas Oils

Sometimes, for many reasons, a real Christmas tree is not an option. But so what if you can’t have a real tree? You can still enjoy that fresh fir aroma.

Due to some family allergies, we’ve had a 3 piece, pre-lit tree for years.

Yes, it may be a disappointment to purists…but it is a necessity in our house. The good news: putting the tree up is a breeze. (Notice I say this as if I have, in the past, actually put up a Christmas tree).

There’s nothing like that Christmas tree smell – here’s how I fake it. One rosemary tree + my essential oil diffuser recipe:

8 drops Ravintsara – part of the eucalyptus family
8 drops Siberian Fir
6 drops White Fir


Love this smell, and all of these oils are great for respiratory health! I find these spicy, woodsy scents very uplifting – perfect for a busy holiday season.

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