Bath vs. Virus?

Ok, so despite my best efforts to not catch whatever germs are circulating all over Maryland right now, last weekend I was hit hard.  Fever, chills, headache…the works.

I didn’t want to/didn’t have the time to spend several days in bed like my sons had done the previous week, so I blended an amazing healing bath and hoped for the best.

I’ve always tried to speed my own recovery process with good nutrition and extra vitamin C etc, but since studying aromatherapy I’ve learned so much about the amazing power of essential oils and pure bath salts.


Here’s the recipe:

½ cup dead sea salt

½ cup pink Himalayan salt (obsessed with this salt and its healing abilities)

6 drops Frankincense – known to stimulant immune system; smells amazing!

6 drops Lavender – useful in almost any blend! so calming

4 drops Lemongrass – antibacterial and antiviral; fever reducer

I soaked for 20 minutes in this fragrant mix, and drank a huge bottle of Volvic water, which has a great mineral content.

I definitely felt like I went through a detox (sweat!) that night, but when I woke up the next day, I was remarkably better.  I drank another mineral water, and by noon, I was good to go.

The salts and oils in this recipe are favorites of mine, and have many uses. Let me know if you give this recipe a try!

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