“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Those words of Albert Einstein describe perfectly the journey that brought us to writing A Natural Girl’s Guide, a blog geared to helping our readers embrace a more natural lifestyle.

Through difficulty, Emily and I discovered the opportunity for optimal health.  We both encountered health challenges that made us stop and reevaluate all of our diet, skincare, exercise and life choices.

For me, the reality check came while I was attending law school and my gastroenterologist bluntly told me I needed to make immediate lifestyle changes.  Not one to cave when faced with challenges, I dove in with almost an obsessive drive.  I dramatically changed my diet and became a gym rat. I read about nutrition and researched all my options.  I sought advice from a nutrition coach to learn about the impact of nutrition on health and overall wellness.

For Emily, the catalyst was exhausting days of being doubled up in pain. After visiting a litany of physicians, we eventually found out the culprit – Celiac disease.

After her diagnosis, I substantially overhauled our family dietary regimen. I learned how to cook completely gluten-free meals for Emily.  Not wanting her to feel isolated, I joined her in the whole foods, gluten-free regimen.  Through doing that, I found that I actually had gluten intolerance. Removing gluten from my diet has been life-changing. I feel younger, healthier and more energized than I have in years.

My decision to adopt a more natural lifestyle has expanded into multiple areas of my life.

  • Juicing:  I have discovered juicing, the process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables.  Juicing allows me to absorb all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, consume the optimal amount of them efficiently and add a variety of them to my diet.
  • Natural beauty and body care:  I attended classes and received aromatherapy certification.  With the help of my biochemist brother, my friend Kim and I now make our own skin and body care products, expanding that to a business called makemine Bodycare (http://www.makeminebodycare.com)

Feeling more energized living this naturalista lifestyle, I continue to seek ways to reduce the preservatives and chemicals that I put both in and on my body.  Through A Natural Girl’s Guide, I will share recipes, green beauty tips and product discoveries that will help you to nourish, treat and care for your body.

This blog also allows Emily, who attends college more than eight hours away from home, the opportunity to join with me on the most important project of our lives – staying healthy!

Remember: small shifts can bring huge gains.  I hope you try some of our discoveries a try!

Be your best, naturally!