Carrot Papaya Juice

My breakfast, inspired by a recipe posted by a friend on fb:


Carrot Papaya Juice

3 large carrots

1/2 cup papaya

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 apple

1 leaf kale

juice of 1/2 lemon and lime

Barcelona Market

website launch

Get Your Glow On Body Oil






Excited to launch the website for my new, all-natural bodycare line!  Check it out and let me know if you have any questions about our line of luxury scrubs, salts and beauty oils.

Find us on facebook here:

Aromatherapy Travel Kit


Packing to go see Emily in London!

As I get ready to travel, I am working on my first aid kit. I used to pack a ton of OTC meds every time I went away, but now my first aid kit consists of a few amazing essential oils and carrier oils. Each oil has many different therapeutic properties, but here are a few of my favorites that cover many travel-related concerns:

BERGAMOT – an uplifting and refreshing oil that helps me stay alert. I use bergamot to ease the adjustment to changes in time zones. It can also be used as a fever reducer. Caution: this oil can cause photo-sensitivity, so it’s not used for skin exposed to sunlight.
FRANKINCENSE – Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and grounding. The oil can soothe and calm the mind. I blend it with lemongrass and massage onto my feet and shoulders to relax and get to sleep.
LAVENDER – besides it’s calming and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender is also great for minor bites or burns. It can ease a headache or exhaustion. You can also add it to a spray bottle with water to freshen a hotel room and sheets etc.
LEMONGRASS – this wonder oil helps with sleep and can relieve the symptoms of jet lag. It can be combined with lavender to relieve headaches. It works as a tonic for the body, calms nerves and relieves exhaustion. (Note: I used this oil to help Emily and I recover from recent surgeries, and we both recovered much more quickly than expected. It truly is a wonder oil). Blend in low dilutions because this oil irritate sensitive skin.


100 Days of Fitness: Day 50 ish

As I reach the mid-point in this challenge, my daily workouts have become a habit I really enjoy.  I have tried a few more classes at my gym, and it’s not surprising that by mixing it up and challenging myself, I am much more focused.

Next week, I will be traveling and though I will be doing a ton of walking, I will not have access to a gym.  Does anyone have any good travel workout ideas??

Carrot & Parsnip Soup

A ran into a friend at Whole Foods while buying vegetables for homemade soup.  She suggested I add parsnips…I had no idea what a parsnip was, and had certainly never cooked them before.  But, why not?

Of course, I couldn’t just cook the parsnips – I had to research why they are good for you first. I learned this sweet, buttery root vegetable is an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C.  Like carrots, parsnips are rich in antioxidants, the B vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium. Here’s the recipe I tried:

Carrot & Parsnip soup

  • Homemade chicken stock
  • 4 large carrots
  • 4 stalks celery
  • 2 parsnips
  • 1 sweet onion
  • fresh ground pepper + coarse pink Himalayan salt

Cook the vegetables in the chicken stock until tender – I let the veggies sit in the stock on low for a few hours.  I poured all of the ingredients into my Vita-mix, and in a few minutes I had a creamy, rich tasty soup. Sprinkle with ground pepper and coarse salt – and enjoy!

Gluten-free quest: a tunafish sandwich

I grew up in Philadelphia were fresh Italian breads and soft pretzels are consumed daily. Finding out I was intolerant to wheat products was a bit of a shocker.

Since I’m alway trying to improve my nutrition, I try to see the upside. I’ve made the switch to a healthier, whole foods diet, and it’s easy for me to follow the much-repeated nutrition mantra: no white flours, no doughnuts, no white breads etc.

But some days, all I really want is a tunafish sandwich…with pickles on the side.

Gluten-free tunafish sandwich

I’ve tried a few of the commercially-produced and freshly made g-f bread products, but, well, I won’t name names but many of the products are just not very good.

Recently, I came across a gluten-free sandwich bread that I can work with. Glutino makes a new line of “genius” sandwich breads with improved flavor and texture. I tried the mulit-grain sliced loaf (very low in sugar) that I found in the freezer section at Whole Foods.

Does it taste like a fresh, hot Italian loaf from the Italian markets in South Philly? Well, no. But with lettuce and tunafish, it was damn good.  My first tuna sandwich in a few years…it was a good day.  So, thank you to the Glutino Food Group for continuing to develop products to make the transition to gluten-free easier.  Now, if you could just get to work on developing an authentic-tasting, gluten-free soft-pretzel?  I would be forever grateful.

I told Emily about my discovery, and she said she is having no problem finding delicious gluten-free items in the markets and the restaurants in London. She talks about treating herself to some foods she hasn’t been able to eat in years here:

Let me know if you have tried any delicious gluten-free breads!

Weeks 5 & 6: 100 days of fitness



Something valuable I’ve learned from recording and publicly sharing my daily workouts:  I’m not varying my workouts enough.  There it is in black and white:  ”walk, walk, upper body, mixed cardio, chest, run, elliptical”.  Obviously, I’m not mixing things up enough to challenge and change my body, or to keep my focus.

Since I have committed to this 100 Days of Fitness, I am going to try a few classes at 24 Fitness Group sessions are not always my favorite way to work out (I crave the solitude and sanity that only an hour with my ipod can provide) but recently, some friends and I gave a group TRX workout a try.

It’s been a few years since I worked out on the TRX, and I’m aware that this friendly-looking yellow strap can be much more challenging that it appears.   The TRX is touted as an excellent workout tool because you challenge many different muscles in a short period of time. In my 60 minute session, we completed a total body workout that included exercises to work the hamstrings, core, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders.

To be honest, during the first class, I spent 25 of the 60 minutes just figuring out how to get my feet in those straps and rotate so the straps weren’t completely twisted.

TRX total body workout

The good news from my second session – I am much further down the learning curve and I was able to complete most of the 60 minute workout. The only bad part is I had a tough time blow drying my hair…my arms were spent!

Today, I am justly slight sore all over – not bad at all – but I can feel soreness in areas of my body I don’t typically focus on.  Today, I will do some kick-ass cardio to complete week six so my entire body does not seize up!

To finish up my next four weeks of the 100 days of fitness challenge, I am going to continue to challenge my body by varying my workouts, and I will report on them here.  Wish me luck!


Juicing experiment for the houseguests

The grandparents came for a visit! They were fleeing from power outages and cold indoor temperatures from hurricane Sandy so, I figured, who better than kidnapped family members test out a new green juice recipe?

My parents have taught me so much about good nutrition ….could I teach them something too?

They both typically eat a ton of greens, so I was hopeful my experiment would go well.  But juicing is not always positively embraced – even by my healthiest friends – so I was a little worried about their response to my morning green juice recipe.

Mmmm…time for breakfast

As you can see from the photo, I used cucumbers, carrots, green apple and the other ingredients pictured here, plus blueberries for added antioxidants.

The enthusiastic response?? “Not bad”.

I’ll take it!  Their seasoned palates picked up the carrot and lemon immediately, even though those two ingredients were a minor percentage of the ingredients.  That was actually my hope….fill the juice with a ton of healthy, fresh greens ….and have the taste-testers focus on the citrus and carrot, which is palatable for many.

I am calling this taste-test experiment a “success”!